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National Junior Puppy, Champion, Champion dog, International Junior puppy, Honors Champion, Mini Aussie, winner, IABCA

AKC Mini American Shepherd

Trails End Mr. Black Jax

AKA-Mini Aussie

IABCA National Junior puppy Champion/ International Junior puppy      champion/National      Champion/ International Champion/ Honors Champion



Our veterinary of over 25 years, attends to all of our mini aussies and breeding program. We have our females examined prior to breeding for testing and veterinarian approval for breeding, and during pregnancy we have ultrasounds, ex rays, de-worming, ect, all by our veterinarian. After whelping, our puppies see veterinarian at 3 days, to have dewclaws and tails removed and for general evaluation of health of the puppies and of the Dam. At 8 weeks the veterinarian will see the puppies for a final Health certificate and evaluation prior to the puppies going to their forever homes.

VACCINATIONS and De -wormings


We de-worm our mini aussie puppies at 2,6 and 8 weeks, we alternate deworming medications 

and we vaccinate with Canine Spectra 5, Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus Vaccine

Modified live Virus, Made in America, at 7 and 11 weeks.

our program

About our breeding program

Here at Pleasant Valley Mini American Shepherds we believe in making sure each puppy born with us is placed with a loving secure family, we match our puppies with our clients! Every puppy born here at Pleasant Valley is loved and cared for as if we were purchasing the lil wiggle-butt for our own personal pet. These puppies are well socialized, being raised and handle on a daily routine in our home. We have a great program for raising our puppies! Which I will explain later.

1st off, before we begin the process of breeding a female, we evaluate her and decide if she is going to have puppies that will improve the breed standards and what type of puppies she would produce, Show, Agility or pet quality puppies. Then we choose a sire that would complement her conformation and personality. After Careful consideration of the Dam and Sire. Verification of testing and veterinary exam, we breed that pair to produce the quality type of puppies we wish to produce.

Although there is a lot of controversy over the AKC opening their registration to the Mini Australian Shepherds, we have decided to go with AKC. The AKC Mini American Shepherd is the same exact dog as the Mini Australian Shepherd. 

As far as our program.
we have our veterinarian of 25 years, remove their dewclaws and tails at 3-5 days,
we worm our puppies at 3,6, and 8 weeks of age.
we vaccinate at 7 weeks of age.
we clip their tiny lil nails every week.
at 4 weeks we begin potty training, by 8 weeks, they are potty training to a potty box.
at 6 weeks we begin crate training, in the crate that come home with the puppy.

Our program is designed to be the easiest transition from our home to yours. The puppies will feel more comfortable in his/her own crate, with their personal blanket and toy. We want your puppy to feel at home with you.


Come visit us to see our Wiggle-Butts!!

Just remember to make an appointment, we would not want to miss you!

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