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Nate & Kaylee

Hayden, Idaho

Welcome to our furbaby family, I know your puppy is an amazing guy, looking forward to hearing all about you hiking adventure with him! Tazie/Jax litter 2018


Clay & Lillie

Calumet, Oklahoma

Welcome, enjoy those bright blue eyes, I can 't wait to see future photos of her all grown up. Tazie/Jax litter 2018



Terrebonne, Oregon

My experience with Pleasant Valley Miniature American Shepherds has been wonderful.   Violet is a true family companion.   Her loyalty and unconditional love makes her an ideal family member.  For anyone interested in a high quality purebred Miniature American Shepherd, this is the breeder to trust.  The Martin's are dedicated to performing appropriate genetic testing for this breed to ensure they do not pass on congenital/genetic diseases in their bloodline.  If you are looking for a dog for conformation, agility or family pet, consider Pleasant Valley Miniature American Shepards !!!

Tazie/Jax litter 2018



Entiat, Washington

Breeder is very pleasant to work with, she is honest, very knowledgeable and ready to spend time with you explaining and teaching. This family puts a lot of heart in to what they do. Puppies are high quality too, everyone is impressed with my pup. I highly recommend.

RockyTop  from Tazie/Jax Litter 2018



Oregon City, Oregon

Breeze is a stunning girl. We will miss her, Welcome to the family!

Tazie/Jax litter 2018



Cottage Grove, Oregon

Having never owed a puppy or this breed of dog, Lori and her Husband took time to share their experience  and knowledge of them in their home They have an excellent clean and safe environment to raise puppies and treat them as part of their family. It's obvious the love they have for their Mini Aussies. I'm so impressed with this intelligent, energetic, loving breed my only regret is not getting one sooner!  Thank you Lori for all the happiness you brought to our family and trusting me to own one of the best breeds ever. My Arrow is so perfect for us! 

Chewy/Abby litter 2018

Belle Front shot.jpg


Montara, California

Welcome to the family!

June/Cash litter 2017

Pearl front shot.jpg


Sweet Home, Oregon

We welcome Pearl to our breeding program, we are so excited for her future in the Show ring.

June/Cash Litter 2017



Lebanon, Oregon

Welcome to the family! Rebel is his name. Sarah/Jax litter



Sweet Home, Oregon

Welcome to the family! Handsome is his name! Sarah/Jax litter.

Ivy and kallen.jpg

Eric & Kallen

Portland, Oregon

Ivy is the sweetest little gal, we just love our visits with her.  Sarah/Schoolie litter 2016



Milwaulkie, Oregon

 The breeder Lori martin has been very helpful to my needs and questions. Kodi has been a very loving and smart out going dog and I am very glad I purchased him from her. He is a very beautiful dog. I get lots of compliments and he is very friendly. We love him very much!

Sarah/Schoolie litter 2016




Welcome! Sarah/Jax litter 2017




Meet Sparky.. Welcome to the family!

June/Bandit litter 2018

Frank 4.jpg


Salem, Oregon

Meet Preston, Welcome to the family!

June/Bandit litter2018


Charles & Sammy

Albany, California



Sweet Home, Oregon





Art Director

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Head of Sales

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Product Manager

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Benton City, Washington

Welcome! I am excited for you and Rain with your next adventure, I know she will get the care she needs with a veterinarian as her mom...congrats!

Tazie/Jaz litter 2018



Susanville, California

I had the easiest experience with Lori and her husband.  They kept me informed about the puppy that I had chosen and sent pictures of the little guy. They were available and ready to answer all of my questions, even the silly ones. Not having a puppy in almost 20 years there were many questions. I now have an almost 13 week old darling boy who was already very socialized when I picked him up at 8 weeks. They have a very good program and I would recommend them highly to anyone!

Cache from Tazie/Jax litter 2018



Canby, Oregon

We purchased a puppy from Lori August 2018. This was my first Australian Shepherd and I was glad to meet a breeder that could mentor me in my journey toward agility competitions. Her puppies are healthy and well handled which has made my job much easier during the critical socializing stage. The puppy has become a real magnet for people with a winning personality that is irresistible in public places. For an adorable Aussie, I highly recommend Pleasant Valley Aussies.

Tazie/Jax litter 2018



Art Director

Annie is such a treasure. The whole process of receiving her went really smoothly, from the initial visit, purchase, and shipping process via a flight to the east coast. Medical wise I have had no issues with her at all. She's a healthy, happy dog, who learns tricks and commands extremely quickly. One of the smartest dogs I have the privilege of owning/taking care of. I recommend Pleasant Valley puppies to friends who obsess over how amazing Annie is :)

June/Cash Litter 2017



Santa Fe, Texas

Jane is from our

June/Cash Litter 2017

Doc front shot.jpg


Canby, Oregon

Jasper is from our June/Cash litter 2017

Liberty (2).jpg


Donnally, Idaho

Libby is living an amazing life on the farm. Welcome to the family! 

Sarah/Jax Litter

Sandy cooper.jpg


Stockton, California

Congrats on the little guy, Copper is and amazing Black tri. Welcome to the Family. Sarah/Schoolie litter

Justice (3).jpg


Stockton, California

Justice could not have been a better pick for you. You two were meant for each other. Welcome to the family!

Sarah/Jax litter



Auburn, Washington

Bringing Ollie home one year ago was the best decision of my life! Everywhere I go I get compliments and questions about what a gorgeous, well behaved pup she is and so much is thanks to the wonderful breeding and care of Lori and her family. There is no question that I would go back to Lori! She is knowledgeable, kind and committed to raising puppies that will steal your heart. :)

Sarah/Jax litter 2017



Eugene, Oregon

Sarah/Schoolie litter 2016

Camero BTF.png


Renton, Washington

June/Bandit Litter 2019


Art Director

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Head of Sales

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Product Manager

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Richard and Samatha

Rancho Cucamonga, California

What can I say,

We bought a Mini Female Blue Merle

And she’s so Perfect! 
There were a few to choose from and they were all so beautiful. The Breeders name is Lori and she is beyond amazing. She was so nice and so informative. She was very professional and is very good at breeding. I highly recommend going through her. Go check out her new batch next year.



South Carolina

We have has the best experience with Pleasant Valley. They take such good care of their dogs & pups, they are so unbelievably knowledgeable about Mini Americans.

All puppies are healthy and happy and they do so much with the pups before they go home with you. Start the potty training process, kennel training, vaccines, etc.

Breeder is so helpful and will answer all questions.

We love our Takoda and are so happy with our decision to go with this amazing family :)

Bandit/June Litter 2018



Sweet Home, Oregon

Cali was bred to Bandit and had an amazing litter of puppies.

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